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Web-Design & Product Development 

Get on top with certified Web Design & Product Development training…
Our focus is Learning to Earn!

In our new Web Design & Development course we have combined all the topics that any I.T. Student should know to be a remarkable web site developer. The Course is taught in a practical way with assignments from our real running projects that will guarantee you an excellent and enjoyable experience.

Web-DesignDuring this course we will be using Adobe Photoshop® CS 5.5 software which redefines digital imaging with breakthrough tools for photography editing, superior image selections, realistic painting, and many more.

The other graphic tools that we will train you with is Adobe Flash®, Illustrator®, DreamWeaer® Professional CS 5.5 software which is industry-leading software.

We will take an in-dept look at the most popular CMS web design platform in use on the Internet today and how to use it to make a part-time or full-time income. We will cover C-panel installation and set-up of WordPress, installation of themes, plugins and widgets. We will also cover how to create a product that can be sold on the Internet and the creation of the sales page within the WordPress platform.

Web Hosting, Domain Name
Registration, Server Side Configurations to make sure that you will be able to develop entire projects including ( Designing / Coding / Integration / Domain Name Management / Hosting Services ).

Students will be required to utilize a number of learned web design skills as well as real-life aptitudes such as reading, writing, imagination, self-expression, problem solving, attention to detail, work ethic, follow through, and communication skills.   The main focus of this class will be production (the actual creation of web pages and web sites); however, attention will also be design (the organization or structure of formal elements in a composition / the combination of details or features of a composition).

On completion of this course you’ll be able to:
Create folders and files and navigate the network drives of an Internet server
Discuss the history of the Internet
Create web pages using HTML
Install and create web pages using WordPress
Develop a product for sale on the Internet
Write and design a sales page with a purchase button
Set up the sales sequence within WordPress

Explore the practical, powerful, and unexpected ways that allow you to create stunning, high-quality, money producing Web-sites faster than ever before.