Centennial Huskies

The Husky Way

Centennial has achieved great success and obtained numerous accolades, i.e.
National Model PLC School, Distinguished High School, RCOE Model ofExcellence,

Governor’s Award Winning School, California Golden Bell, 18 CIF Championships, etc.
We feel these distinctions are a result our unwavering strategic focus, commitment
to teamwork, and passion for children.

The Husky Way is accomplished through collaboration, purposeful action, and hard work. We are committed to all staff working as a T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Accomplishes More). At Centennial, we know that together, ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

The Husky Way is accomplished through engagement. At Centennial, engagement is a priority. We believe in our founding principles, which are manifested in our school motto, “Together We Can, Together We Will”

The Husky Way is accomplished by positive adult-student relationships. At Centennial, we are student-centered. We reward students, we provide incentives to students, and we respect students at all times. We truly believe we makea difference with our students.

The Husky Way is accomplished through a strong student discipline program. At Centennial, we expect everyone from support staff, to the teacher, and the counselor to not only be aware of student conduct but to correct it on the spot. We do not ignore behavior that is counter to The Husky Way.

The Husky Way is accomplished through positive and proactive parent contact. At Centennial, we return phone calls or e-mails from parents within 48 hours, and we utilize an on-line grading program to better inform our parents. We promote, encourage, and welcome parent feedback –good or bad.

The Husky Way is maximizing student achievement. At Centennial, we expect our students to take a minimum of three years of math and science. We are committed to increasing the number of students who: meet the A-G college entrance requirements; pass the CAHSEE, and IB/AP exams.

The Husky Way is accomplished by building trust. At Centennial, we promote openness. This provides the foundation for us to reveal who we are to our students, staff, and parents. At Centennial, we work tirelessly to convey clarity through our goals, objectives, and expectations.

The Husky Way is improving climate, culture, and environment. At Centennial, we are willing to change the way business is conducted. We are willing to take risks in our quest to raise student achievement, improve school culture, and promote student involvement.

The Husky Way is promoting diversity. At Centennial, we understand that diversity brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and innovation. We encourage, we celebrate, and we embrace all cultures and thoughts. This makes us more effective leaders, more understanding people, and a more dynamic school.

The Husky Way is staff participation. At Centennial, we participate in student activities and student on-campus life. We recognize that clubs and co-curricular programs increase the quality of school life, increase student connection to school, and increase school spirit.

The Husky Way is accomplished by thinking and acting strategically. At Centennial, we invest and build the leadership capacity amongst our staff; we focus on effective instructional practices; and, we have an unwavering commitment to results.

The Husky Way is about building a caring, supportive, and dynamic learning organization. We believe that the best way to grow academically is through growing human capital. This teamwork, openness, and positive attitude starts with each one of us.

The Husky Way builds. . .
Leaders, Heroes, and Champions!