PLR Niche Topics

Here is a partial list of PLR (Private License Rights) material that I have.

Free Website Traffic
Affiliate Blogging Secrets
Advanced Blogging Traffic
Appetite Antidote
Career Climber
Confidence Confidant
Dating Do’s and Don’ts
Lead Legend – Lead Capture
Maximum Impact Email
Rage Relief
Success Secrets

Affiliate Blogging Secrets
Advanced Blogging Traffic
Stop Drinking
Bully Buster
Child Diet
Family Finances
Friends Foundation
Gamers Great Escape
The Marriage Master
Weight Warriors
Patio Design
Solar Energy

Credit Cleanup
Detox your Body in 10 days
Instant Arthritis Relief Guide
Mediterranean Diet Program
Recurring Revenue Plan
Ultimate Internet Marketer Starter guide
Ultimate Six PAck Ab System
Social MEdia Smasher – LinkedIn – Video PLR
100 Energy saving tips
Benefits and dangers of Credit cards
Blog Flipping Unleashed
Fitness and Excersize
Your Own Lawn Care System
How to re-brand PLR Material – Video PLR

Newbies University
Keyword Goldrush
Stress Survival
Personality Types Giveaway
Ninja MArketing Backlinks
The Linkwheel System
Power Attraction Giveaway
Procrastination Giveaway
Membership Sites Exposed
Private Lable Cash Machine
Surviving your First Year
Time MAnagement

How to Stockpile $100,000 in 15 years
Picking up the pieces – Rebuilding after a financial disaster

Breaking Free of stress
How to banish self destructive behaviors
how to sell your services to support your internet biz
Direct Mail Marketing
hosting live events for big paydays

Blood Pressure
Contact Lenses
Essential Oils
European Travel
HEalthy Eating
(additional material on D-4 for above niches in ultimate PLR 4-12)

Dating Relationships
Internet MArketing
Personal Development – Law of attraction
5 Simple Steps To Create Killer Products

How To Pull Money from PLR materials
Awesome Character Building
Domain name profits

Camping Recipies
Self Improvement
Green Smoothies
Sales LEtter Collection

Traffic Building System – get more traffic to your website

Staying Fit and HEalthy
Hybrid Cars
Email Cash Secrets
Making Pet Food at Home
Raising Exotic Bengal Kittens
Mini storage Cash – complete site
Dealing With Bronchitis
Adsense Sites

Boating Basics
Fan Page Profits
Greenhouse Secrets
The Clockwork Course
The Sugar Solution

Nichology Ebooks
(do list)

Twitter Strategies
Why Facebook Marketing

Sales Man Sales Letters
the 90/10 secret
The Alpha Dog
Cash Domain Secrets
Ultimate Productivity
Exponential Growth
Evergreen Motivation


Home Vegitable Gardening
Lower Your Cholestrol in 33 days
MAster Public Speaking
Solutions for Stretchmarks
The Scholarship guide
Top Secrets to successful Restaurant Operations

Product Review Websites

Mind Power Mastery

27 ways to Generate $100 per month – Video complete site

High Ticket Blueprint
Twitter Profit

Transform You WordPress Blog into a Lean Mean Marketing Machine – Large video membership site

50 articles on various subjects
Affiliate Revenue
Banner Ad Bomb – Learn How to use Banner Ads to Drop the competition
Business Booster
Flipping Cash – Real Estate
Fantastic Funded Proposal – How to Convert Prospects into buyers
Scoring your Goals
Loan Lord – Your Finances
Nutritious Appetite – Lose fat the healthy way
Savings Super Hero

Beat Depression Today

Business Brains
Enneagram Elevation – How to use Enneagram to uplift you spiritually
Health Hero
High Impact Communication
Internet Grant
The OPM Strategy – How to start a business with Other Peoples Money
Service Oriented Upline
Toys and Gifts
Tying the Knot

Audio Market Abundance – creating audio products
Blogging Bounty
Childhood Wellness
Life Lessons
Mega Bucks Meetings
Opening your Heart
Public Safety Patrol
Schooling Selection
Video Product Perfection

Dog Breeds – a TON of stuff
Healthy Cooking – A Ton of Stuff

Boating Basics
Resume Writing

8 Hypnosis Tracks
Google Business Update
Google Plus for Business
Learn to Fly
List building Mojo
List Building Wisdon
Lower Energy Costs
Platinum Graphics
Travel For Free
Vanish Man Boobs
Responsive Offline Video – Video Site

Acid Reflux Survival Guide
Build a Swimming Pool
Ezine Marketing Crash
Financial Wealth building
Mobile Phone Advertising
Public Speaking for Beginners
Udemy Profits

The Website Flipper
Freelance Mastery
Killer Instinct
Self Improvement

Amazon Kindle Easy Cash
Facebook Profits
Fiverr Gold Mine

Awesome Character Building
Domain Name Profits
Become A Great Leader in Business
List Building Profits

How to Manage Your Money To Pay for a $5,000 Vacation in Cash Every Year

Frugal Living
Money Management
Saving and Investing

Banish Limiting Beliefs
Family Harmony

Information Product Launch for beginners
Good Dog – Behavior Tips and tricks

Green Smoothies

Heart Burn
Video Transfer

Grow Business with LinkedIn
Host Interesting Party

Joint Ventures to Grow Your Online Business

The High Ticket Blueprint – Video, MP3
Twitter Profit – Video, MP3

Aroma Therapy
Communication Commando
Complete Concepts
Home Business Hound
Mantra Magic
Path to Courage
Positive Thinking
Video Vigilante

Beautiful Body Essentials
Braving Budgets
Content Management Connection
Hairdo Holyland
Mirror Madness – Good Body Self Image
Social MEdia
Taming Taxes

Audio Market Abundance
Blogging Bounty
Childhood Wellness
Life Lessons
Mega Bucks Meetings
Opening Your Heart
Public Safety Patrol
Schooling Selection
Video Product Perfection

Grill Tips – Ton of Stuff
Lawn Care – Ton of Stuff

20 secrets of dieting – Just ebook
Amazon Kindle Publishing – Just ebook
Get Juiced – Just ebook
Productivity Strategies – Just ebook
Stop Smoking Now – Just ebook
Vegan Life – Just ebook
Web Flipping – Just ebook

Facebook Time Line Traffic Smasher – Video Site
Pintrest Traffic – Video Site

Super Fast List Building
Media Traffic Gold
Email Marketing Tips
Energy Extravaganza Giveaway

Becoming a Great Leader in Business
List Building for Profit

Crushing it with Youtube
Search Engine Optimization Breakthrough

Easy Affiliate Marketing
Fitness and Wellness for You

Positive Thinking – The Key to success
Successful marketing plan

Aiming Higher Strategies
Building Better Backlinks

Google AdSense Profits
The Forex Training Guide

Hootsuite Lessons

Information Suite Launch Basics

Focus & Motivation

Heart Burn
Video Transfer

Design Fonts
Pinterest – an amazing platform

Kitchen Garden
Vintage Furnature

Basket Weaving
Suntan & Skin Health

Added Sept 2013
Disk 7

Premium Headers Templates V3
Premium Pricing Graphics V3
Premium Headers Pack V4
premium headers Pack V6
Super Squeeze Page Pack
Ultimate Text Effects Bundle
Premium Pricing Graphics Package V2
Premium FB Graphics Kit
IM Web Graphics Pack V2
Killer Abstract Backgrounds V4
Top Ranking Strategies
Total Niche Domination – Dating
Total Niche Domination – Health
Total Niche Domination – Investing
Total Niche Domination – Self-Help
Total Niche Domination – Weight Loss
How To Podcast
Brand New Weight Loss & Fitness PLR With Graphics
The Next Social Network
Mobile Marketing Edition
Getting Traffic
The 7 Week Slim Down
Social Media Plan Of Attack

Disk 8

12 Viral Special Reports W/ Squeeze page

100 tips Reports
Beauty tips
Bodybuilding tips
Dating Tips
Golf Tips
Health Tips
Interview Tips
Makeup Tips
Money Saving Tips
Photography Tips
Weight Loss Tips

You Tube Tutorials Minisite

Coaching PLR Content
Monitize your Webinar
Blog Toolkit
Writing Fast Blog posts
Grow coaching business
Passive Income
Grow Facebook Fans
Marketing on Pinterest

Irresistible Coaching

Grow your Dream Business

Complete Dating Marketing Pack

Going Green

Internet MArketing Video Vault

Podcast Profits system video series

Legacy Platinum
Appetite Antidote
Career Climber
Cigarett Crusher
Confidence Confidant
Leader Legend
Max Impact Email
Rage Relief
Success Secrets

PLR Monthly
Business and Website Traffic
Online Dating made easy

PLR Traffic Videos


Top Ranking Stratigies

Disk 9

All Mom Content

Text Effect Bundles
PLR WordPress Videos

Disk 10
All Resell Content 2013-11 – Articles
– Alternative Energy
– Business
– Frugal Holiday
– Homework
– Preventative Medicine

All Resell Content 2013-12 – Articles
– Health and Pets
– Social Media
– Work at Home
Article Wings 2013-12 – SEO Articles
Article Wings 2014-01 – SEO Articles
Best Quality PLR 2013-11
– Champion Mind Set
Best Quality PLR 2013-12
– Resolution Revolution
Best Quality PLR 2014-01
– Retargeting – Ebook
– Product Creation – Ebook
– Mobile App Development – Ebook
– Building Confidence – Ebook
– Bitcoin – Ebook
– Ditto Content Resourcing
– Stay Calm and Reduce Stress Site
– Virtualhs
Coaching PLR Content 2013-11
Coaching PLR Content 2013-12
Coaching PLR Content 2014-01
DIY PLR 2013-10
– Content Brainstorming
– Google Plus Hangouts
– itunes Podcasting
– Seo-social
– webinar-profits
DIY PLR 2013-11
– 365 social
– Amazon Marketplace Double
– Aweber Starter
– Organization
DIY PLR 2013-12
– 365 Health
– Outsourcing Double
– Service Business
– Social Media Ads Double
DIY PLR 2014-01
– Authority Site
– Creative Video Report
– Vegan Living with Photos
– write book
HQ PLR Store 2013-12

InspirationDNA 2013-11
– Abundance
– articles
– Astrology
– Christ consciousness
– Gratitude
– Greener Homes
– Inner Child
– Love Spells
– Off The Grid
– Shamanism
InspirationDNA 2013-12
– Command Control
– Emerging Effectiveness
– Friend Fundamentals
– Managing Fundamentals
– Optimal Optimization
– Order
– Purposeful-purpose
– Spiritual
– Time-Titan
InspirationDNA 2014-01
– After Breakup
– Break Free
– Communication
– Content
– Cyber Love
– Perfect first date
– Pre-Marriage Maintenance
– Safety Rules
– Social Dating
– Surviving
InspirationDNA Monthly Exclusive 2013-12
– Email-Marketing
– Emphatic_Listening
– Energy_Extravaganza
– EQ Equation
– Eternal_Life
– Evolutionary _Growth
– Examination_Survivals
– Exercise_Tips
– Network_Marketing
Niche Revolution 2013-10
– Get scholarships
Niche Revolution 2013-11
– Bass Fishing
– Learn Magic
Niche Revolution 2013-12
– Go Green
– Museum Tours
Niche Revolution 2014-01
– Jealousy
– Termites
Nicheology 2013-12
– eBooks
– Video PLR
Nicheology 2014-01
– PLR Rights
– Video PLR
****Check Above****

Disk 12
PLR Dealer 2013-11
– Video Email Training
PLR Food Content – Weeks 3 – 18 Articles
PLR Health Wizard 2013-11
– Bodybuildinmg
PLR Health Wizard 2013-12
– Allergies
PLR Health Wizard 2014 -01
– Health articles
PLR Monthly 2013-11
– Product Funnel
PLR Monthly 2013-12
– The Tweet Success Guide
PLR Monthly 2014-01
– Essential Marketing Strategies Finance Club 2013-11
– Finance Articles Finance Club 2013-12
– Finance Articles Finance Club 2014-01
– Finance Articles Self-Help 2013-11
– Self Help Articles Self-Help 2013-12
– Self Help Articles Self-Help 2014-01
– Self Help Articles
– Social Media Tools
Special Report Club 2013-11
– How To Use Facebook
Special Report Club 2013-12
– How To Use Facebook
Special Report Club 2014-01
– How To Use Facebook
Special Report Club Workbooks 2013-11
– How To Keep Listeners Engaged
Special Report Club Workbooks 2013-12
– Social Media
Special Report Club Workbooks 2014-01
– Choosing Niches
Unstoppable PLR 2014-01
– 21 Ways to Raise Fast Cash
– How to Build List for Big Profits
– Quit Smoking Articles

Disk 13 – Graphics Disk
– Max Rylski GraphicsClubMonthly [April 2012] – Banners Pack
– Max Rylski GraphicsClubMonthly [December 2013] – Video Marketing Graphics
– Max Rylski GraphicsClubMonthly [February 2012] – Special Offer Templates
– Max Rylski GraphicsClubMonthly [February 2014] – Premium High-Res Backgrounds
– Max Rylski GraphicsClubMonthly [January 2014] – Print Flyers Builder
– Max Rylski GraphicsClubMonthly [July 2012] – Premium Web Elements Pack
– Max Rylski GraphicsClubMonthly [June 2012] – KAB
– Max Rylski GraphicsClubMonthly [March 2012] – Premium Retro Badges Pack
– Max Rylski GraphicsClubMonthly [May 2012] – Premium FB Timeline Covers Pack
– Max Rylski GraphicsClubMonthly [November 2013] – Premium FB Graphics Kit
– Max Rylski GraphicsClubMonthly [September 2012] – Premium Banners Pack

Disk 14 – Fitness
– 5 Fitness Ebooks
– 3UnknownMuscleBuildingSecretsEbook
– 5NutritionMustsEbook
– 5ReasonsYouAreNotLosingFatEbook
– 5SqueezePages
– ProAthletePowerTrainingEbook
– ProLifts3WorkoutGuide
– Additional Fitness Products from Upgrade
– BasicsOfBodyBuilding
– BodyFatInferno
– BodySculpture
– BusyScheduleFitness
– DietVideos
– DropTheFatNow
– FastFitness
– FatBurningSecrets
– FitnessHeaders
– FitnessHomeWorkouts
– FitnessHypnosisSystem
– Lose10PoundsNaturally
– NewYearsWeightLossResolution
– PaleoLiving
– SixPackAbsVersionB
– TeenWeightLossVersionA
– TeenWeightLossVersionB
– WeightLifting
– WeightLossFunnel
– WeightLossSystemExpert
– WellnessFitnessAndYou
– Amazonian Goldrush
– AmazonianGoldRush-100ReviewVideoScriptsA
– AmazonianGoldRush-100ReviewVideoScriptsB
– AmazonianGoldRush-ChainSaws
– AmazonianGoldRush-FoodProcesson
– AmazonianGoldRush-IceCreamMaker
– AmazonianGoldRush-JuiceExtractor
– AmazonianGoldRush-Mix
– AmazonianGoldRush-Mixers
– AmazonianGoldRush-ResellerSite
– AmazonianGoldRush-Skillets
– AmazonianGoldRush-StainlessSteelCookware
– AmazonianGoldRush-Strollers
– AmazonianGoldRush-VacuumCleaners
– AmazonianGoldRush-VoiceOver-EllipticalTrainer
– AmazonianGoldRush-VoiceOver-HomeGym
– AmazonianGoldRush-VoiceOver-Set-1-2
– AmazonianGoldRush-VoiceOver-Set-3-4
– AmazonianGoldRush-VoiceOver-Set-5-6
– AmazonianGoldRush-VoiceOver-Set-7-8
– AmazonianGoldRush-VoiceOver-Set-9-10
– AmazonianGoldRush-VoiceOver-SteamCleaners
– AmazonianGoldRush-VoiceOver-StringStreamers
– AmazonianGoldRush-VoiceOver-Treadmill
– AmazonianGoldRush-WPTheme
– Fitness Products
– 384FitnessArticles
– BodyBuildingSecretsRevealed
– MMA Course
– The Epic Warrior Muscle Course
– training

– 100_Premium_PSD_Headers.rar
– Handwritten_Graphics.rar
– Ultimate_Designer_Toolkit.part1.rar
– Ninja_Graphics_Kit_All_Modules.rar

– Health And Wellness
– exercise
– HealthyKids
– MaintainingTheBody
– MentalHealth
– WholeHealth
– Inspirational
– Metaphysics Niche
– Mind Mastery Niche
– Personal Awareness Niche
– Productivity Niche
– Spiritual Niche
– InspirationDNA Khai Ng’s Addiction Breakers PLR
– Legacy Platinum 2013-01
– 50
– Childcare
– CraftyCash
– EarningEquilibrium
– iPad
– mortgage
– Nook
– PersonalFinanceFortress
– Stocks
– Tuition
– Legacy Platinum 2013-02
– DevelopmentDilemma
– DisciplineDynamics
– Doggie
– football
– kitty
– MentalHealth
– push
– snowboarding
– text
– vitamins
– LSI Monthly
– Mega_Logo_Collection_PSD.rar
– Nicheology
– Nicheology 2013-07
– EntrepreneurMindset_mrr
– MarketersGuideToRR_mrr
– MentalHealthMaint_mrr
– NLPMasteryProgram_mrr
– TrafficTidalwave_mrr
– WeightLossGoals_mrr
– Outsource All-Star Automation
– Public Domain Resource
– Travel The World For Free

– Beauty And Enhancement Niche
– Bonuses
– Break Addiction Niche
– Dating And Relationship Niche
– Family And Parenting Niche
– Financial Niche
– Health And Fitness Niche
– Lifestyle Niche
– Marketing Niche